TextaParent.ie is a website designed by IPPN to enable schools communicate by text message direct to parents' mobile phones. It can be accessed by any PC or WAP-enabled phone, making it the perfect tool for notifying parents of last minute changes or emergencies.

TextaParent.ie is ideal for:

  • unpredictable events e.g. enforced school closure no heating etc.
  • last minute time table change e.g. cancellation of sports day
  • logistical difficulties e.g. cancellation of bus service
  • happy announcement e.g. victory in sports final
  • motivational message e.g. parental support required for fundraising event
  • emergency contact e.g. crisis event or school tragedy
  • updating staff e.g. change of date/venue for in-service
  • important reminder e.g. date and time of school reopening

Benefits of TextaParent.ie:

  • Communicating by TextaParent.ie takes much less time than preparing a note
  • TextaParent.ie enables schools and Principals to instantly communicate with some or all of the parents/guardians in your school
  • TextaParent.ie costs less than photocopied notes
  • Key messages will have to go to parents in paper format. TextaParent.ie can be used in such situations to make sure that parents/guardians actually receive the note which was sent home
  • The service guarantees that your essential message is received by the child(ren)'s parents/guardians
  • You are not depending on a young child to deliver a message to parents as it goes directly to their mobile phone
  • Can be accessed by any internet-connected PC or WAP-enabled phone.

For more information go to www.TextaParent.ie